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Rentings of Office Phones & Tablets (19)

Do you need several mobile phones and/or tablets for your business, but do not want or prefer not to commit to such a high investment? At Simplr we have created the perfect solution for you; rent mobile phones and tablets only as long as you need them!

The process is extremely simple, and you can have your products available in a matter of days. Go through the gallery, choose the devices you are interested in, and select the desired number. Now you just have to subscribe, and we will process your request as soon as possible! We will verify some of your details, through your DNI or NIE, and if the process goes on swiftly, you just have to pay the first month. After just a few days, once you have received the items, the subscription will begin. As easy as that and no small prints!

The mobile phones and tablets available at Simplr are up-to-date and recent models, allowing you to access the latest technological devices for your business. Check the characteristics of the items on their data sheet and select the ones you like and the desired amount. If you require a large amount, you have the option to request a quote! Don't wait any longer to start your business!