Renting Cars from fiat for individuals (7)

More Mobility by subscription

If the time has come to change your current vehicle or if you need one, but now you can't afford to buy a car, at Simplr we have an alternative that will get you out of trouble and with conditions that you'll love! All you have to do is subscribe to the car you are interested in and pay monthly installments for as long as you decide, all from the website itself!

To start using the car of your choice, just browse through the gallery and choose the one that best suits your needs. In each of the cards you have detailed information. Once you have it, select the minimum time of use and the mileage you plan to do, and you can start your subscription!

On the next page you will have to fill in your details so that we can verify them, as well as the financial capacity and availability of the vehicle in question. If not, we will propose an alternative. If all goes well, we will proceed with the signing of the contract and you will receive the car where you indicate us. And if in practice you are not convinced, you can change your car up to four times a year! From your control panel you have the option to make the modifications, as well as change or cancel. Enjoy car leasing with Simplr!

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