Choose the bicycle or scooter that fits your needs at any time and change it up to 4 times a year.

Call it renting, call it subscription or call it Simplr.

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More Mobility by subscription

If you are passionate about cycling and enjoy experimenting with new models, but you don't have the budget to spend so much, Simplr is the solution you need for your curiosity! We offer different types of subscriptions so you can choose your favorite bike for the time that best suits your needs and you will only have to pay a monthly fee, so you can say goodbye to big investments forever!

In our gallery you will find from urban bikes for the main cities to electric bikes, but also accessories such as helmets, because we know that your safety is the most important thing, we have everything to make your experience comfortable and safe!

To start with the subscription, you just have to choose your preferred model, select the quantity and type and the time you want to rent it, the longer the contract, the bigger the discount! In the next step, you will have to create your account with your data and proceed with the first monthly payment, and our team will check that they are correct, as well as your financial capacity. In a matter of days, you will receive your order and the billing time will start.

And if your needs change and you no longer need to continue using the bikes, just go to your control panel and cancel or modify. As soon as the billing period or minimum stay is over, you will be completely free of payments!

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