Simplr for business

Choose the bicycle or scooter that fits your needs at any time and change it up to 4 times a year.

Call it renting, call it subscription or call it Simplr.

Rental of Bicycles for business (10)

Do you use bicycles in your business to transport products or to advertise? Or maybe you organize events where they are present? Whatever the purpose, if you do not want to incur a high outlay or do not have sufficient resources for the initial investment of your project, at Simplr we provide you with bikes and scooters only as long as you need them!

We have different styles, such as electric bikes or urban bikes for major cities, with an infinite number of models with different characteristics. In addition, along with bike rental, we also offer helmets so you can always ride safely, we have everything you need and much more!

And how does the subscription process for bikes and scooters work? Very simple! Just choose the model you are interested in, select your desired subscription time and the number of items you want. In the next step you will have to fill in your company details, create your account, and proceed with the pending payment. After a quick verification, your order will be activated and once you receive it, your chosen subscription time will start.

At any time, you will be able to modify or cancel your subscription to move on to another article that interests you more - because flexibility and pay-as-you-go time is the future!

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