Rent TVs and accessories for as long as you need them

Call it renting, call it subscription or call it Simplr.

Renting of TVs & Accessories from hp for individuals (3)

If your economic and financial situation is unstable and uncertain, but you have technological needs that you cannot overlook for whatever reason, Simplr has a practical and affordable solution that will allow you to access everything you need, but without having to incur a high outlay. The era of subscriptions has begun! If you need TV & Accessories, choose everything you need and pay only for the time you use them. It's that simple!

Although the move to a technology-driven view has taken us a few years, it now permeates every aspect of our daily lives. And if in your home or in your activities the need to bet on different electronic devices has arisen, in Simplr we do not want that the lack of resources to make a high investment is what prevents you from taking the step.

TVs, headsets, keyboards and mice, virtual reality glasses and a whole host of accessories for your electronics subscription are updated frequently, as we add new options from our suppliers. Never stop upgrading!

Once you know what you need, select it, check the time option of your subscription you want and create your account with your data. Once we have verified all the information, the first monthly payment will be accepted and we will send you where you tell us all your items. and enjoy!

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