Rent phones and tablets for as long as you need them

Call it renting, call it subscription or call it Simplr.

Renting of Phones & Tablets from microsoft for individuals (1)

Are you looking for a new cell phone or tablet, but you don't know which one to choose because you like to always enjoy the latest technology? At Simplr we have the right option for you! Because with our subscription system you can rent mobiles and tablets only as long as you need them, and you are the one who decides for how long!

To enjoy the best mobiles and tablets you just have to go through our gallery and take a look at all the models that are available. These can be new or pre-owned and have different features, which you will know by reading the data sheets. Once you know what you want, you just have to choose the quantity and the time you want to have them. The longer the time, the bigger the discount, but if you prefer flexibility, go for reduced terms!

Once the first installment is paid, your financial situation will be verified and, if all goes well, you will receive your order in a matter of days. The invoicing time will only start when you have it in your hands - a quick and easy process that is completely digital!

And if once you have started with your mobiles and tablets you want to switch to another model, just go to your control panel and manage your subscription there to change or cancel. As soon as the contracted period ends, the conditions will be modified according to your choice!

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