Computers and laptops for your team from 14 € per month
Flexible rental period
Warranty included
Environmentally responsible

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Opening a business or expanding involves a high outlay. In particular, because of the investment that has to be made in electronic equipment, software or supplies, among many other expenses. If you do not want to face such a high cost all at once or you do not have enough resources at the moment to invest as much as you would like, at Simplr we have the alternative you need: rent computers only as long as you need them!

Just choose the model(s) you need and proceed with your flexible subscription. In a matter of days you will have all the devices you have chosen for your subscription in your physical space, for a cost much lower than the cost of buying all of them. Imagine how much you can save! In addition, if you need very large amounts, you have the possibility of requesting a quote, and since there are no restrictions, you can install all the software you need for your business activities.

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