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Available area: Spain (Mainland).
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IT Care Total, your solution for uninterrupted operational peace of mind with accidental damage, theft and burglary insurance included. We guarantee that your equipment can continue operating normally, offering high quality replacement products during any repair. Excess not included in the price, it is charged at the time of the first claim. It is limited to 150€. In case the repair has a lower cost, it will be of the same amount. Applies only to new devices.

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What you need to know

  • Accidental damage, theft and robbery insurance.
  • Delivery of a replacement product during incident repair.
  • Urgent shipment (2 working days) of the replacement product.
  • Guaranteed equal or superior features: Screen size, RAM, Processor, HD, Operating System (MacOS or Windows).
  • Grade A products: This is the best state of preservation, in which the damage should be minimal or negligible.

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