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Enjoy your favorite content in the sharpest and most realistic way possible thanks to the more than one billion colors offered by the Crystal UHD processor by Samsung. Enjoy a huge spectrum of colors and all the visual details, even in the darkest scenes. Model: UE65AU9005KXXC The subscription to this product does not require a guarantee. The delivery of the product will be subject to a risk assessment for which financial data will be requested. In case of failure, the amount will be refunded. The equipment has a 2-year warranty covered by its manufacturer. The USER assumes all responsibility and risks from the moment of delivery of the goods and shall be liable for any damage, deterioration, impairment, subtraction, etc., suffered by the same and also for damages caused by a third party, even if they are derived from the correct use of the goods; and even if they are caused by force majeure or fortuitous event.

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Specifications of Samsung TV 65" 4K CrystalUHD




Samsung TV UE65AU9005KXXC

Screen size

65 ''

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