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Wattio konekta2technology at the service of care

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Available area: Mainland Spain.
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Wattio KONEKTA2 is an innovative home automation system that allows you to take care of your loved ones without having to change their way of life: without cameras and without devices that they always have to carry with them. The system will learn the routine of your loved one and after 30 days you will begin to receive notifications on your mobile if something unusual happens so that you can verify that everything is okay. If an incident cannot be resolved remotely and is due to non-conformities and manufacturing defects of the devices, Wattio undertakes to replace the defective device and to send a new one, bearing the costs of shipping and replacement. The installation of the new device must be carried out by the user himself, with remote assistance, if needed. Once the contract has ended and unless Wattio communicates otherwise, the devices must be returned within a maximum period of 30 days from the end of the service by shipping and at the user's expense. The non-return of the devices or the return of these with damage or damage carries a penalty of € 130, and € 50 for connectivity devices. This service requires booking after subscribing.

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What you need to know

  • The system consists of 1 Virtual Assistant (Kubo), 1 motion sensor and 2 opening and closing sensors (house door and refrigerator)
  • The virtual assistant Alexa will help with tasks through voice commands: reminders, news, recipes, calls ...
  • Thanks to the virtual assistant it will allow your family member to be in contact with the world, even if their movement capacity has been reduced
  • Includes installation of the devices in an approximate time of 15 days with prior reservation
  • A qualified professional will install the equipment in the home of your loved one without the need for works.
  • It is not necessary that you have Internet at home, Wattio Konekta2 incorporates its own 4G Internet connectivity
  • The support and incident attention service will be provided remotely through the channels indicated in the Help menu of the mobile application
  • The price may be updated annually at the beginning of each calendar year according to the upward variations experienced by the CPI in Spain
  • Early cancellation has a penalty of €50, except for death or entry into the residence of the family member with the system installed

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