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Wattio Alerta security alarm

Product details

Wattio Alerta is the first voice-controllable collaborative alarm that prevents robberies in your home. This alarm system integrates premium security sensors, an Alexa smart speaker, and an HD IP camera to protect your home easily and affordably. In addition, it has the Co-Alert functionality sends a notification to multiple users like your neighbors. They can be aware of a robbery in your home and can safely capture images of the thief, facilitating their identification by the police.

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What you need to know

  • Includes 2 door sensors, 1 motion sensor, HD IP camera, Wi-Fi alarm unit with Alexa, Co-Alert service, and online technical support
  • IP HD camera: you can see what happens in your house and get recordings
  • Home automation system & Alexa smart speaker: facilitates communication, allowing you to schedule reminders, play voice notes and listen to music
  • Co-Alert: notification system that will alert your neighbors when a theft is occurring
  • Voice control: makes it easy to use the system even if your hands are full and without having to carry devices with you
  • Notifications: you will regularly receive notifications about what is happening in your home for added peace of mind

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