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Sustainability for Simplr

Simplr is a pioneer in Spain in offering a model of sustainable consumption, while also adapting to the needs of our users by giving them flexibility. We promote waste reduction to protect our planet by creating a Circular Economy.

Our goal is to have a global impact and replace the current model of consumption with the Circular Economy approach which is already trending in several countries, where an increasing number of people are embracing this consumption model.

How Simplr offsets your carbon footprint


At Simplr we are committed to sustainability, based on a circular economy model, which involves extending the lifetime of products by reusing, repairing and renewing existing them as many times as possible.


Simplr counts the total CO2, based on ongoing contracts, and their permanence periods.


Simplr offsets the total CO2 corresponding to all products subscribed to by our users, through investment in environmental projects.

Why Simplr's model is sustainable

Circular Economy

For each product Simplr calculates the amount of CO2 emissions per month, based on the CO2 emitted during the manufacture of the product, thanks to the data provided by the manufacturer.

Reducing waste

The circular economy favors recycling of products and reduces their manufacture by 30% to 70%, which reduces pollution, both waste and gasses emitted into the atmosphere.

Sustainable Development Goals

This consumption model is fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda: SDGs 12 and 15.

How we calculate the monthly carbon footprint
  • Organizations provide us with the CO2 data emitted by the manufacture of their products.

  • Based on the data provided by these organizations, Simplr divides the total CO2 derived from production by the estimated months of product life.

  • The amount of CO2 assigned to each month of product use is the amount that we must offset during the time that the product will be used.

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