Simplr for individuals

Rent the latest tech to turn your home into a Smart Home.

Call it renting, call it subscription or call it Simplr.

Renting of Smart Home for individuals (4)

¿Would you like to contribute to the care of the environment in all areas that are possible and under your control? At Simplr we are committed to suppliers who take into account the needs of the planet, and that is why you can find options for a sustainable home among our customers. Because in addition to stop consuming, you have to make the right choices! If you are interested in making your life easier and turning your home into a Smart Home, but you can't afford the outlay involved, you have the option of subscribing to Simplr. This is a temporary rental that will allow you to enjoy your products and services with total protection, but only for as long as you want, and you will always be in control! Within the Smart Home services, you can opt for solar panels for roofs, which, although they are subsidised by the government, require a high investment. Also security alarms, medication robots and technology that has the ability to learn a person's routines and informs you when it notices changes in them. These are just a few examples of our Smart Home options at Simplr, as we are expanding them according to our suppliers. But they all work in the same way: you choose the one you're interested in, select the quantity and start the subscription, either with us or with our partners. ¡And you can enjoy your order for as long as you like!