Simplr for individuals

Don't have time to take care of your work clothes or even the clothes you wear every day? Do you have too much work to do and the free time you have left over you'd rather use it to relax? With Simplr's flexible plans, you can now rent cleaning and laundry services so that someone else can do them for you and you can do what you do best: live! How to access these services is very easy. Take a look at the different proposals that are available, such as type of cleaning, frequency or characteristics. Is the problem your home? The shirts at work that need to look impeccable? Or maybe what you want is access to ecological and sustainable products? In our gallery you will find all this and much more! Just select the product or service you want to order, check the customisation you need, such as weight or quantity, and click start subscription. When you create your account you will have to enter your details and we will check that everything is correct. You will pay the first monthly payment and you will be able to start enjoying your order. And if at any time your needs change, we keep the conditions flexible! From your control panel you can cancel or modify your subscriptions as you wish; just complete your chosen initial period. It's as simple as that!