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Rent phones and tablets for as long as you need them

Call it renting, call it subscription or call it Simplr.

Renting Phones & Tablets (18)

Do you need a number of cell phones and/or tablets for your business, but don't want or prefer not to face the high outlay involved? At Simplr we have created the perfect solution for you; rent mobiles and tablets only for as long as you need them!

The process is extremely simple and you can have your products in a matter of days. Just go through the gallery, choose the devices you are interested in and select the number of devices you want, now all you have to do is subscribe and we will process your request as soon as possible! Some data will be verified through your DNI or NIE and if the process goes ahead, just pay the first month and once you have received them in just a few days, the subscription will start. So easy and no tricks!

The mobiles and tablets we have at Simplr are updated and are recent models that allow you to access the latest technological advances for your business. Check the features of each one in its data sheet and select the ones that suit you and in the desired quantity. And if you require a very high number, you have the option to request a quote! Don't wait any longer to start with your activity!

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