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The equipment rental software to grow your business easily

Discover an affordable offer of electronics, mobility, and furniture, the freedom to choose the duration you want to use them, and the tools that will make your everyday life easier.

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3, 6, 12, 36 months or more, your choice

In every category of our catalog, you'll always discover leasing periods from 3 to 72 months based on the product. This way, you can stop worrying about making the right choice and focus on driving your business forward without paying for what you don't need.
3, 6, 12, 36 months or more, your choice

Latest models for just a small monthly fee

Equip your business with the latest models and still have budget to invest in other areas and initiatives.In our catalog, you'll discover:
· Electronics: phones, tablets, computers, and more.
· Mobility: electric and combustion cars and motorcycles, and more.
· Furniture: soundproof booths, tables, chairs, and more.
· Services: internet, electricity, gas, supplies, coffee, and more.
Latest models for just a small monthly fee

Get the most out of your resources

We provide you with rent-back options to optimize your company's expenses while retaining the assets you already have, and buy-back if your priority is to renew or divest from assets you no longer need.More about Rent-back and buy-back
Get the most out of your resources

Manage your assets in one place

Always maintain control over the assets you acquire both within and outside of Simplr with a management tool that allows you to check, assign to employees, and track their status in just a few clicks.More about Asset management
Manage your assets in one place
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More than 600 products to rent

And if you don't find what you're looking for, our team is ready to assist you in doing so.

Why is renting better than buying?

You can invest at your own pace

Make monthly payments during the time you have the asset instead of making a single payment upfront.

It improves your cashflow

Address your needs without increasing the company's debt, forecast your expenses, and transition them from CAPEX to OPEX.

It includes maintenance

Minimize unexpected expenses, renew your assets at the end of their leasing period, and be covered if something unexpected happens.

It has more than one life

Embrace a more sustainable approach by recycling products you don't need instead of storing them.

Rest assured in making the right choice

Generate quotes effortlessly

Our quoting tool enables you to effortlessly obtain and compare proposals from various suppliers, allowing you to make quicker and more informed decisions.
Generate quotes effortlessly

Showcase your company's commitment to the environment

Become a part of a circular economy

We provide a circular seal to ensure that other companies will give a second life to assets you no longer need, extending their lifespan.
Become a part of a circular economy

Drive your company's sustainability forward

We calculate for free the CO2e emissions of the assets you acquire from Simplr. You can always access this information from your private account area.In addition, you can choose to offset them and download a CO2 Neutral certificate that attests to your company's commitment to the environment.
Drive your company's sustainability forward

Our most rented products

Don't wait any longer to see Simplr in actionRely on our team to answer your questions and guide you on how to start simplifying asset acquisition and company management.

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