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Product details

Assisvita is a company specialized in home care for elderly or dependent people in Barcelona. Their 360º assistance is completely personalized to prioritize the well-being of each person, providing the best solutions for the care, tranquility and happiness of each dependent person and their families. Assisvita reserves the right to cancel a service prior to its start, in that case Simplr will refund the full amount paid by the user.

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What you need to know

  • 2 hours/day, Monday to Friday (continuous hours), holidays at an additional cost
  • Assigned personal coordinator and weekly performance evaluation
  • Customer assistance via telephone 24h/day and free home user assessment
  • This service includes the worker's salary, Social Security, contracts and future settlement procedures
  • Quality control of the face-to-face service at home and civil liability insurance
  • Professional vacation coverage and replacement for sick leave
  • Free Dependency Law and "service check" processing
  • Unlimited warranty and unlimited number of times you can change the carer

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