Simplr for individuals

How it works

This is how Simplr works.

Choose a product, use it as long as you need and return it to be reused. Register for free and get access to the products and services you need.

My Simplr, the space to manage your contracts.

  • Manage

    Check the status of your contracts at all times. You can activate or deactivate them whenever you want.

  • Pay

    We give you visibility of the total amount of your requests and the monthly payment dates of each of them.

  • Support

    Our support team is available for any doubt, question or suggestion you may have.

Join the Simplr movement.

Join the Simplr movement.

We believe in a more sustainable world where, through the circular economy, you can reuse products until the end of their lives. Call it rental, subscription or just Simplr.

Products that protect the planet and meet your needs.

At Simplr we offer you a model of sustainable consumption, are you in?


Circular economy

We calculate and allocate C02 emissions each month.


Reduce waste

By reusing products, we emit less gases into the atmosphere.


Sustainable goals

We’re aligned with the 2030 Agenda: SDGs 12 and 15.


We compensate

We invest in sustainability projects.