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Subscription to Caregiver service and follow-up

Product details

Service only available to those who also hire the service selection of caregiver for dependent people in Qida´s website. An expert, personalized and humane care for the elderly at home, adapted to their needs. Qida defines a work plan, monitores and assess the client's progress, keeping you up to date with their progress. Qida is in charge of finding the ideal caregiver. The process will continue in Qida´s platform. Once you have decided to hire the caregiver that Qida has found for you, it is essential to also hire Qida's follow-up service. The caregivers keep company and help at home for as long as you need and have a flexible schedule adapted to the needs of each family. The monthly cost of the caregiver's salary and Social Security varies according to the contracted service. Change or replacement of caregiver in case of vacation or sickness.

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What you need to know

  • The client has to pay an initial fee of €272 so Qida starts to search for a caregiver
  • The salary and social security of the caregiver is not included
  • This subscription is connected to Qida's Selection of caregiver for dependent people service, do not subscribe without it
  • Personalized and scheduled follow-up based on a work plan created by a social worker throughout the service
  • Access to complementary services with differential prices (physiotherapy, telemonitoring, speech therapy, orthopedics, among others)
  • Customer care in less than 48 hours in urgent cases

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