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Here you can find Apple, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, HTC, LG devices among other cool brands.

“I needed a smartphone and a laptop to go to university for a year. They arrived as good as new and with insurance included.“

Susana L., Student

Urban mobility

Get around with an electric vehicle, SUV, hybrid or choose something lighter like a scooter or electric bike.

“I rented a car to visit customers for 3 months. No entry and insurance included.”

Miriam A., Entrepreneur

Home, internet, electricity and gas

Set up you home by managing the electricity, gas and internet from a single place.

“I had just moved into my new apartment and didn't want to waste time looking for furniture or contracting the electricity or gas.“

Josephine S., Tech lead

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At Simplr we offer you a model of sustainable consumption, are you in?

Circular economy

We calculate and allocate C02 emissions each month.


Reduce waste

By reusing products, we emit less gases into the atmosphere.


Sustainable goals

We’re aligned with the 2030 Agenda: SDGs 12 and 15.


We compensate

We invest in sustainability projects.

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