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Available area: Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza city and Valencia city.
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Frequency: Monthly

Product details

Washrocks picks up your laundry at your house and returns it washed so that you can save the planet looking your best. You choose the day and time for your clothes to be collected and delivered directly to your home once they are ready. This subscription supports the environment by offsetting your CO2 emissions. The CO2 compensation contributes to the Sustainable forests project by Climatetrade in the creation of forests to absorb CO2, recover degraded spaces, and preserve areas of great natural value.

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What you need to know

  • €5 contribution to Climatetrade's Sustainable Forests Project: CO2 absorption, recovery and conservation of degraded natural areas
  • Includes 5 kg clothing bag delivered folded
  • Does not include: bathrobes, blankets, cushions, duvets, bedding, sofa covers and similar
  • Does not include ironing service
  • Considerations: separate the clothes by colors before, garments that cannot be washed together and in cold water will not be washed

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