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Starting is as easy as this Equip your business in a few steps, make the most of the advantages of renting, and showcase that your company meets sustainability objectives.
1. Let us know your needs
1. Let us know your needs We will advise you to meet your company's needs with the acquisition method that best fits your accounts.
2. Receive your order
2. Receive your order Count on us to efficiently manage, activate, and deliver your orders.
3. Efficiently manage everything
3. Efficiently manage everything Manage your contracts and download invoices and sustainability certificates from one single place.
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Many advantages included as standard
Flexibility to manage your accountsChoose the acquisition method that best suits your business needs with the assurance of being able to change course whenever necessary.
Wave goodbye to large investments or interest chargesInstead of buying or financing, have everything you need with a fixed monthly fee that includes manufacturer's warranty, repair, and replacement.
Meet legal requirements effortlesslyWe certify the reuse, CO2 neutrality, and circularity of each product you subscribe to.
Manage your business from start to finishAccess and manage your contracts, invoices, certifications, and assign products to your employees, all from a single platform.
Discover all the advantages

Showcase your company's commitment to the environment

Waste Reduction Accreditation

We guarantee the reuse of products you no longer need.

CO2 Neutral Certificate

We calculate and certify the CO2e offset of your products.

Circular Scorecard

We provide a circular stamp for each product you get on our platform.

Start today. It's very easy.Switch to the only platform that allows you to certify the sustainability impact of your products and provides you with the peace of mind to manage them effortlessly.