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Get everything you need for your company by subscription. Make use of products and services with the flexibility of the subscription model. Cancel, reactivate, extend or upgrade and keep costs at bay.

How does Simplr for Business help you?

Flexible service

Subscribe to products or services for as long as you need them, then return them. You can upgrade whenever you want and even extend your subscriptions

Save time

Sign up to services for the office through a single platform. Manage all of them easily and invest your time in what really matters for your business.

Save money

The subscription model has no initial investment, maintenance or cancellation costs.

Management, control and flexibility

  • Manage everything your company needs, all from one place

  • Control your expenses, without initial investment or hidden costs

  • When you grow, we grow with you: increase or update your products and services in just a few clicks

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Simplr offsets your carbon footprint

Subscribe to products, enjoy them and Simplr compensates for you the carbon footprint through environmental projects.

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