3 packs of Nicaraguan specialty coffee

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Product details

With this monthly subscription, you will receive 3 packages of 250 g of coffee. This coffee has been selected among the best varieties in Nicaragua, and it is roasted every month in Madrid, to keep its freshness. In this pack you will receive 3 types of coffee: Toucan, Jaguar and Hummingbird, named after the coffee plantation areas.

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What you need to know

  • Includes 3 coffee bean packs of 250 g
  • Jaguar Pack: intense flavor with a high amount of caffeine. Combination of Catuaí and Robusta coffee
  • Toucan Pack: soft acidity, good body, citrus and chocolatey flavors with a dry finish
  • Hummingbird Pack: the most premium specialty coffee and the jewel of the crown. It stands out for its fragrance, flavor and balance
  • Roasted naturally to show all the aroma and flavor of the selected beans
  • Coffee with a score higher than 80 in the tasting laboratory
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