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Much more than a catalog

We turn asset leasing into a hassle-free experience: featuring the latest technology and models in electronics, mobility, and furniture at affordable prices. And if you can't find what you're looking for, our team is ready to assist you.
Much more than a catalog

Your leasing, your rules

Have complete freedom to choose a leasing period of 3, 6, 12, 36 months, or more, to align with your company's immediate challenges or drive its growthAdditionally, we offer rent-back and buy-back options to assist you in mobilizing assets you no longer use and getting a better price.More about Asset Acquisition
Your leasing, your rules

Modernize your company's processes

Cut down on the hours you spend searching for and managing Excel spreadsheets. With Simplr, you'll always have all the details of your assets, such as their status or who they're assigned to, just a click away.More about Asset Management
Modernize your company's processes

Anticipate and plan for what's to come

By centralizing your company's assets, you gain greater visibility and control over monthly expenses, warranty expirations, or the need to renew equipment. More information to help you make better decisions.More about Asset Management
Anticipate and plan for what's to come
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Adopt an eco-responsible acquisition policy


0 emissions, 100 % circular

The way companies work requires a different approach. That's why the products you acquire through Simplr will be re-circulated when you no longer need them. We also provide free calculations of the CO2e emissions they generate, which you can offset to receive a CO2 Neutral certificate.
Designed for all types of companiesDiverse needs. One singular solution
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Medium-sized company

Focus on your companySpend less time on asset acquisition and management, and more on your company
Save time and expenses on processes.
Streamline processes between departments.
Simplify the management and maintenance of your assets.
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Small-sized company

Grow your companyGet ready for the next big step without being held back by equipping or managing.
Improve your cashflow.
Gain visibility into the status and costs of your assets.
Scale with the best conditions.
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Optimize your resourcesEquip your company with the best conditions.
Save your money to grow.
Leasing from 3 to 24 months.
Meet the needs of all profiles within your company.

Switch to a truly comprehensive solution

Equip your companyAddress your needs in electronics, mobility, and furniture.
Improve your cashflowBenefit from financing options aligned with your accounts.
Generate quotesHave more choices to pick from with our quoting tool.
Manage your assetsAdd, assign, manage, and track all your assets.
Increase visibilityDon't miss any details of the assets you have and those that are yet to come.
Receive tailored supportWe assist you with everything you need for your company.

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Don't wait any longer to see Simplr in actionRely on our team to answer your questions and guide you on how to start simplifying asset acquisition and company management.

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